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You are here Parents Survey of Parents on Literacy September 2014


Thank you to all our parents who have returned our survey on literacy in the school. We are delighted to see how well our pupils are getting on and in particular how many like reading. The results will encourage pupils, parents and teachers to continue with our work to improve standards.

However, just because the vast majority of parents are very satisfied with both teaching and learning, this does not mean that we cannot improve! Many very worthwhile suggestions have been given to us and we will work to implement as many of these suggestions as soon as possible over the coming months. The school wishes to acknowledge the dedicated work of the pupils and teachers in the school who deserve recognition for the hard work they do.

To see the results of the survey from our pupils click here

Written Comments from Parents

Is there any way the school can help with English (spoken, reading, writing or spellings)?

Reinforce the Look, Learn, Cover & Write policy in relation to learning spellings at home so it is clear for children what is expected when they tackle their spellings
Ensure library book is taken each week and write a paragraph on it
No, I think the school is doing enough
Not really, can't think of anything
Happy enough with everything in English, reading, writing & spellings.
No, we are happy at present
My daughter enjoys reading the newspaper so maybe a corner where papers are available might be an idea.
Perhaps a book club
More oral language
The school is doing everything possible at the moment in my opinion
I would like children to occasionally present orally their work to the class - it would build confidence, skill and vocabulary
I rarely hear my child 'reading out loud', perhaps this is due to only 'needing' to do so in the classroom. Perhaps 'reading out loud' to an audience could be encouraged further at public gatherings other than Mass.
A lighter homework load when English stories/writing is to be done would allow more time and effort to be put into this work
No, everything is OK
Continue to encourage use of the school library and extend the range of books available
Maybe a course night on the different ways parents can help their children e.g. explaining how to use "Reading Eggs" etc
I think the school is doing a good job with my child's reading.
No, not really, just keep doing what they are doing
If there is flexibility please take some more time to writing and spellings
One child is very good at English including free writing and spelling. The other child struggles so I need guidance on how to help child struggling in English to help facilitate learning
Yes, there is too much!Homework way exceeds the amount recommended in the school homework policy. Please give parents the option to buy workbooks even if using the Book Rental Scheme. It is a pointless and frustrating activity transcribing workbooks into copies before the child actually starts the activity
Would suggest more thought provoking titles for compositions. They do not tend to like titles like "My Summer Holidays" etc

Is there any way the school can improve its approach to homework?

Encourage self checking of their written English
Good approach in place
Not give as much homework, a little less seems to be a lot
There is a good balance, not too much or too little
Perhaps more communication between Literacy & Numeracy teachers so homework is not too much
I am happy with the amount of homework given and the type is also suitable to my daughter
Ensure reading is given as homework each night is to be read aloud
Sometimes my son is unsure exactly what he has to do for homework
I think the school has a good and balanced approach to homework
2 hours homework in the evenings seems to be quite a lot after a full day in school
I think homework for child in sixth is fine at the moment
Give less homework, maybe not as much in each subject
Once again, happy at present
Children in Fifth Class get English writing homework on Wednesdays - this is a very busy day for our family - I would like if the work was assigned on Mondays and collected on Thursdays
I am concerned that there is no homework at the weekends for sixth class. This could be introduced at some stage to prepare them for the 'shock' of secondary school homework at the weekends.
Just give less!
Organise stories, projects etc at a time when there is less homework
Explaining Irish a bit better especially when some words cannot be pronounced and put into sentences
Homework takes more time than stated in Third Class
Not that I can see, I think the homework is acceptable
Suggest that quality and variation should be key rather than set writing, Maths, spellings every night. Students should be consulted on what topics they would like to cover in projects and then given enough time to complete them.

Any comments or suggestions on anything working well / not working well?

Pleased all round!
Perhaps a guide for parents on what to expect your child to do when completing homework, for example.. Do you correct or point out their mistakes? Are they expected to correct incorrect spellings after test?
Maybe integrate some of the other subjects into the core subjects. Science, Geography, History all could get a bit more time. Students may find them a bit more interesting
Teachers are kind, helpful and encouraging
Just a review on the amount of homework. Children need to relax after being in school all day but I'm not saying not to give any.
The book clubs in class are very good and choice of novel is appropriate
I like the Reading Eggs & Mangahigh websites. We also use the Eason's Spelling Bee App which is good fun. I particularly enjoy the website suggestions in the newsletter
Perhaps highlight a book or two every week and read a page from it to entice an interest in it. Different books for different classes.
Very impressed with school's interest in children's development
We would like 15 minutes exercise daily in addition to PE classes
We loved the art programme last year enjoyed by 3rd & 4th classes
Student Council or other way for students to voice their opinions and concerns. Perhaps a suggestion box.
Supervised access to hot drinks.
In general I am very pleased with the school and feel it is doing a great job. Well done and thanks.
Thank you for everything you and all the teachers have done for my children
Students who are playing Rackard League hurling & football with both parents who are working sometimes can struggle to an unacceptable late hour of the night trying to complete homework for the next day depending on the homework load!
Homework is well structured allowing pupil to develop a routine forgetting homework completed. The use of web based resources is excellent
Projects given on a Monday to be in on a Friday - this doesn't take into account families that both parents are working
We are very happy with our child's development and believe that the teachers constantly encourage him to reach his potential. It also seems that each child's personality is allowed and encouraged to develop whilst at the same time maintaining a positive learning environment. Keep up the good work.
Pleased all round.
I worry about my child's approach to maths, not sure if my child grasps concepts of Maths fully. As I have not been approached by a teacher I am not sure if it is a problem or just child being tired!
More communication
Problem with Irish only
The biggest fault with homework, albeit at the junior end of the school, is it's repetitive nature.