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You are here Parents Surveys School Attitude Survey: Pupils February 2016


Thank you to all our pupils who have returned our school improvement survey forms. We are looking at all your suggestions and thinking about how we might implement some of them. Of course, there are some suggestions that we will not be doing - such as having no homework! Although you have worked hard all day in school we do need to use homework to reinforce what you have learned during the day and to allow you to challenge yourselves. Thank you for all your suggestions.

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88% agree that they like coming to school
97% agree that they feel good about themselves when in school
93% agree that they are confident to ask for help whenever they need it
96% agree that the school encourages them to be creative, to be themselves

94% agree that the work in most lessons is interesting
95% agree that they feel confident to join in activities at school
94% agree that the school encourages them to think for themselves
94% agree that they know what they have to do to help them listen, look and concentrate

88% agree that the teachers know that they sometimes have difficulty with their work
96% agree that the teachers know how to help them when they get stuck
95% agree that the the teacher checks they know what to do before they start work
93% agree that the the teacher gives them enough time to think before they have to answer a question

64% agree that some of their friends know that they sometimes have difficulty with their work
82% agree that some of their friends know how to help them when they get stuck
94% agree that they know there are some children they can talk to if they are unhappy at break times

99% agree that they can clearly see the teachers when they are talking to them
86% agree that they have time to work in quiet areas to do their work where they are not distracted
97% agree that the equipment they need in the class is easy to find
95% agree that they are taught new words to do with the topics they are doing

This is what I think is good about my school:

It's a safe place, not getting bullied, I like my school because everybody is treated equally, the principal, having to wear uniforms, there are cool things to do, the clubs after school are awesome, teachers make learning fun, Chess Club, Gaeilge Club, volleyball, all the clubs, all the after-school activities, GAA, school tours, friends, it is good that we are taught to be kind and generous and not to be mean, art, swimming, Irish Class, learning new stuff with my friends, friendly teachers, the PE hall is very big, teachers explain stuff well, Computer Room, all the sports, everything is good, playing outside, the classroom is big and bright, I like school because I have lots of fun, the range of activities for pupils to partake in, lots of overall activities, PE, playing, Homework Club, Library, Computers, the lunches, Scratch Computer Club, there is lots of space to play out on yard, really friendly environment, nobody is left out of anything, lots of after school fun, the environment is really clean and healthy, I think that the Active Plan is really good this year, good teachers, fun, it is good each year that we have to finish one of Ben Markey's stories to improve our writing, large play areas, all the teachers will talk to you, you get to discuss certain topics with your neighbour, all the different types of games after school, school is interesting and fun, it is great to have interactive whiteboards, our school is good because it treats everyone the same and all the teachers are all very nice and helpful, we get the right work to suit our abilities, our yard and pitches are very good, art, great to have extra activities, enjoyed Futsal, lots of opportunities to learn, school's website, teacher encourages me and gives me stickers and always saying 'well done' , love colouring and playing with the sand and building blocks,

This is what I think is bad about my school:

School uniform, homework, soccer pitches, I don't think there is anything wrong with the school, I have no changes I really love going to school, more selection in lunches, bullies are bad in school, not enough parking spaces outside the school, having to line up when we come in in the morning, not enough time to eat lunches, nothing, too much homework, not enough sport, there is nothing bad about this school, more variety for school lunches, 5th are not allowed to play with 6th, a lot of cheating goes on at chess, favouritism at chess, the hurls are very small, we don't get time to practice typing, some kids like to talk to me when I am working hard, I prefer to have books to write on instead of rewriting everything especially in Maths, space in the classroom, people from 3rd class up should be able to walk to their classes by themselves, 'sos time' is too short, the older classes only get an hour of PE each week and we need to be fitter and we don't always get a full hour either, we should do more music, we should have a treat every Friday, I don't like to wake up so early, children in my class don't like me and laugh at me and get me into trouble which is not always my fault, I don't sit beside any of my friends, not allowed sweets, a lot of books in the library but not a great choice, school lunches are small, in Gaeilge Club if you hurt yourself you cannot say it in English, I would like more challenging Maths, bad that there is no after school beside the school that children can stay longer, people that is hurting other children, not much things to play with outside, sometimes people don't share

This is one change that would make the school a better place for pupils:

Less homework, no homework, longer swimming classes, longer breaks, in all competitions stick to the rules, allow all classes to play together, ramps on Church Road for the safety of children, a different language instead of Irish, nothing at all, I would love to have a penpal from a different country, a weekly computer class with no exception, better quality free lunches, better computers in the computer room, more sport activities such as badminton, better condition books, I would like more PE, smaller classes, we have to stay inside on wet days, have a breakfast club, to go on history field trips or to the Dáil, National Museum, GPO etc, other languages, more Gaeilge Club, iPad for everyone, boys not being picked to do everything such as volleyball captains, lifting things and most sports captains, laptops/tablets for pupils, I would like to be in school longer, that there were no mean teachers, I would like gymnastics on Wednesdays again, more time to eat my lunch, have PE equipment outside for break times, more PE, more time on PE, art, drama and other less academic subjects, more PE for the senior end, more time for doing your own thing, normal clothes for school, more variety in PE, more interest in pupils, more learning of Irish, more skipping, to sit beside my friends, no homework on Mondays & Wednesdays, maybe the PT meeting is to early in the school year for Junior Infants,