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It's one of the toughest jobs going: the hours are awful, there's no overtime or annual holidays and no set of easy to follow rules on how to do the job well.

We all want to do the best we can for our children, especially when it comes to their education, but sometimes it's hard to know how we can help or who to talk to about issues and ideas we have about our children's schooling. The Parents Council is here to listen to your views and ideas and to communicate these to the Principal, Staff and the Board of Management. We want to represent the views of ALL parents in the school ... but to do this we need YOUR involvement.

The goal of the Parents Council is to support the efforts of the school and of parents to ensure that every child, regardless of their background or circumstances, receives the encouragement and support they need to reach their full potential across all levels of ability and talents.

What we do:
We listen to your views and concerns. As parents we understand that every child is different. We all bring unique views to the education issue.

We look at areas where we can make improvements Working with the Principal, Staff and the Board of Management we can effect changes on issues that relate to the school as a whole. The Parents Council undertook initiatives to improve Safe Access to School, New Tracksuits and New Protocols for First Holy Communion over the years.

We offer suggestions and ideas to the school. The school is always open to suggestions from the Parents Council for new initiatives such as the Book Fair, the Gymnastics Programme and the Music Programme.

We keep you informed
The great working relationship between the Parents Council and the school means we can keep you updated on all new developments. And yes we try to raise some money! Every cent of the money we raise goes to support a worthy school initiative.

Research shows that:
Taking an interest in your child's schooling makes it more likely that they'll do well in school
The support you give your child's learning matters more than your background, size of your family or your level of education
The amount of interest a dad or father figure shows in his/her child's schooling is strongly linked to their academic success

We don't always agree. There is no right or wrong view on many of the issues we discuss. Every opinion counts and every view is respected and raised with the school.

We don't act as a substitute for parent contact with the school. The relationship between parents and teachers is important. We encourage parents to talk to the class teacher about any specific problems they have with a child.

We're not an exclusive club. All parents who register or send apologies to the Parents Council A.G.M. are notified of our meetings (usually one Monday every month). We appreciate that not everyone is free to make every meeting, but we encourage parents to attend as often as possible to stay in touch with current issues and avoid feeling 'out of the loop'.

We don't just do things the way they have always been done. The Parents Council is open to new ideas and change. We want to innovate to help develop the future potential of the school and our children.

The Parents Council A.G.M. usually takes place at Our Lady of Lourdes N.S in October each year and meetings held monthly. All parents are welcome.