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You are here Parents Starting School Introduction

Sometimes a child's first day in school is more nerve wracking for the parent than for the child. It is a time of great change for parents and children. It is a time of letting go for both parent and child.

To enable you and your child make the transition from home to school easier it is useful to:

Talk to your child about the children they know who are starting school with them. Have conversations about friends. Tell them about your friends. Talk to them about making friends and the activities they might do in school with their friends. It is a good idea for your child to play with some of their new friends before they start school.

Reassure your child that you, or whoever you have agreed, will be there to pick them up when school finishes. It is really important that your child is happy with whoever it is that will be delivering or collecting them from school. It is also crucial that your child arrives for school on time and that you are there on time to collect your child when school finishes.

Let your child use their new school bag and lunch box before the first day in school. This enables the child get used to opening and closing them so that they are not difficult to use on their first day at school.

It is a good idea to let your child wear or try on their new school coat and shoes prior to starting school as this gets them used to putting them on and taking them off themselves.  Put their name inside their coat, jumper, tracksuit tops and school bag and show them how they can identify their own belongings.

It is a good idea to teach your child their full name, address, and home phone number.

Let your child know what contact name you have given to the school if you are not available.

Children just want to be the same and fit in with other children so the more your child can do for themselves the easier their time away from you will be.

Make arrangements to meet with someone for a cup of coffee and a chat on the first day. It's not only children who get upset and it is always a good idea to have someone to meet just in case.

Get involved in the school if you can. We often ask parents to help out with activities.

We are fortunate to have a very active Parent Council. Being on the Parent Council committee is a great way of finding out how the school is run, who is who in the school and being involved in your child's school life. 

Most of all enjoy this stage of development with your child. It's a special time for parents and children and a time of new beginnings.