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Good communication between school and home is essential to ensure your child achieves his or her potential. We actively encourage parents to keep in regular close contact with the class teacher especially during the first few months. We stress that teachers want parents to contact them over any issue which concerns them or over any issue outside of school which may affect them in school. A record of all information is kept so you will not have to give the same information to the teacher your child will have next year. This information is confidential and treated very carefully.

Text messages are also sent to families informing them of school activities and events. Please ensure that an up to date mobile number is given to the school. Your phone number will not be given to anyone else.

Letters about various issues are sent home from time to time. We try to give these letters out on either a Monday or Tuesday. The letter is given to the oldest child in the family. A copy of each letter is available on the website with the number of the letter and the date it was distributed. End of Year Reports and Individual Learning Plans are always posted home.

The school uses the Aladdin Schools software service for administrative purposes and the Parent Portal gives parents secure access to messages from the school and to details of their child’s track record in school via secure login from their internet browser. It will help to ensure that the school has the correct and up to date information about every child. The purpose of the portal is to strengthen home/school partnership. The Parent Portal is available here. For pupils in the middle and senior classes standardised test results are available which track the pupils progress over the years. If you wish more information about this service talk to the class teacher, secretary Helen Tobin or the Principal James Roberts.

Homework sheets are used in Junior Infants similar to the way in which a homework journal is used in the other classes. A homework sheet is given to each child every Monday, outlining all the homework for that week. A detailed explanation of how to do the homework is also given. Content of homework may vary according to the needs of each pupil. Parents are informed of any curricular areas in which their child may need attention through the means of this sheet. General class/school information is also written on homework sheet e.g. reminding pupils of library times. The teacher may leave a comment on this sheet if an issue arises and parents can respond. Teachers also note achievements through the means of homework sheet/homework folder.

If an issue arises the teacher will arrange a meeting with the parents where necessary.

Parents are also welcome to arrange a meeting with the teacher regarding any concerns about their child. Teachers try to accommodate working parents and often arrange meetings before school. Junior infants' teachers understand the importance of communication between teachers and parents and always encourage it.