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You are here Our Work Water Conservation Poems

Water, Water all around,
Save every drop that can be found!
Wasting water isn’t good,
So you never should.

Never let your taps run,
Turn them off as soon as you’re done.
Don’t waste time in the shower,
Your harvested water should be used on a flower.


Wash your car in the rain,
So not as much water will go down the drain.
Put a brick in the toilet before you flush,
So the water won’t go down in a gush.

You must realise water is good!!
So save as everyone knows we should!!

By Orlaith Breen (Sixth Class)

Jack and Jill went up the hill
And found there was no water
The human race must move to space
It’s going to be a disaster.

Jack said to Jill, “The waters gone,
We’ve nothing left to drink,
Our wasteful ways, now we must pay,
We’ve let it all down the sink.



We wasted it in lots of ways,
Like a bath instead of a shower,
Watering the plants on sunny days,
Leaving the tap on full power.

To save the world now we must act
And use our water well,
Change our ways, or we will pay,
In this beautiful world we want to dwell.
Saving water is very good, everybody should.

By Neal Redmond (Fifth Class)

Water is see true.
Water is blue.
Water is good for you.

It’s in ourselves.
It’s in our air.
Water water, It’s everywhere.



When we turn on our taps
The water is there.
It’s in the sea and everywhere.

We fill our pools so we
Can have fun for you and
Me in the sun.

By Abbey-Lee Roche (Fourth Class)

Water is for everyone,
Cleaning, washing, having fun.
Water can be serious though,
So try not and let it go.
We can drink water too,
Ocean water no, no, no.
Water drip dropping from the tap.

No, no, no we don’t want that.
Lakes are lovely don’t you think,
Instead of water going down the sink.

By Sinead Byrne (Third Class)


Water is good for lots of things,
Wings might even give you wings,
Water is wet, Water is cold,
Water is even bought and sold.
Water comes up from the ground and makes a funny gurgling sound.
Water is used for washing my hands
And washes up on the sands


Water is a liquid we all know,
But sometimes is falls as snow.
Water sometimes turns to ice
Water is really nice,
Water flows in a river
When its cold it can make you shiver.

By Amelia Murphy (Second Class)


Drip, Drip
Here it comes,
From the sky,
On the ground it runs.

Filling the Earth,
With the food of life
Seeds will bud,
And burst into life.
Birds will wash,
Kids will play,
Splish, Splash,
Hip Hip Hurray.


We all know
How important it is,
To save our water
Our source of all life!

By Rebecca O'Neill (First Class)



It is very important
To save our water,
So listen carefully all sons and daughters.

We need our water
for keeping ourselves clean.
And for saving the animals
And keeping out trees
And plants green.

So when brushing your teeth
And washing your hands.
Think of all the thirsty
Children in the poorer lands.


Don’t flush the toilet unless
You’ve gone to the loo.
Leave the water you don’t
Drink in the fridge, it will
Be nice and can’t too.

Take a short shower instead
Of a bath and tell your
Daddy while watering the
Flowers, not to water the path.

So try and think of ways
To save our water and you soon be.
A good boy or give for caring.
Just Like Me!

By Erin O'Leary (Senior Infants)