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Múinteoir was a monster
She wasn't very nice
So they put her in the attic
To scare away the mice.

She broke out in the night
And scared everyone in the place
So we bought for her a ticket
And sent her into outer space.



Now she's up in orbit
Hanging around the moon
Things are nice and quiet here
She won't be back here soon.

So to all those horrible hairy monsters
Who are living in our place
We will banish them forever
From the pleasant human race.

By Paraic Nolan (Sixth Class)

He knocked upon the door,
My sister let out a scream,
And he let out a timid roar,
"I'm Neville" he said "Neville Green".

He was peculiar with six eyes,
He had blue skin,
He spoke English and a language called Mediby.

My mum asked him what he wanted to eat,
"Do you want something fresh or fried?",
He looked confused,
"What?" he replied.

My dad showed him how to play soccer,
But when he punctured the ball,
I decided to show him my space hopper,
Which ended in a huge fall.


He decided he'd cook us dinner,
Which he read from a book.
It looked like something people eat to get slimmer.

We then went for a walk,
Up the woods out of sight,
He proceeded to talk about,
About the journey he'd take that night.

That night he went up the hill,
Where off my space hopper he fell,
Looked up to the moon,
And said his final farewell.

By Bronagh Judge (Sixth Class)

The Vink hid silently
Not making a sound
Inside a child's wardrobe
Where he would never be found.

He had fangs for teeth
And pointed horns on his head
Four spindly legs
He never spoke; he hissed instead.

The soles of his feet and paws were sticky,
He had slits in the place for his eyes
He never slept a wink
He kept his eye on the prize.

He glided up to the child
Who didn't hear the Vink at all
The Vink sunk his teeth into the child's shoulder
Blood was the best taste of all.


The Vink heads back to his hiding place
Where the other Vinks wait
"Were there any happy children?" they ask
Because that's what Vinks hate.

Their hiding place is slimy, dark and cold
But that's what they like
And to get to their hiding place
You have to go on a very long hike.

But once you get there,
You will find out,
That you won't live to tell the tale
Because they'll eat you no doubt.

By Eve Furlong (Sixth Class)


When I think back on the one thing that filled me with dread,
It was the shape shifting monster, lurking under my bed.
When a shadowy veil was cast over the sky,
My senses would tingle and my mouth would run dry .

As the portal in my mind erupted with sensation,
A dozen deadly denizens sought to drag me to damnation.
This swirling mass of monsters loomed larger as they came
And as they bore upon me, they became a single frame.


The spectre of this monster was so ghastly to behold
And its image will remain with me 'till I am frail and old.
His crimson eyes malevolent, pus oozing from his pores
And the mass that formed his body was plagued with suppurating sores.

Even now, when night descends and sleep is hard to find,
I think back upon the apparition that possessed my restless mind.
I do not understand his coming, but this much is clear
Monsters we become when our darkest thoughts we hear.

By Eli Byrne (Sixth Class)


Harry is a dragon
He lives down by the sea
A monster in a wagon
Who longs to be free.

You never see him out
In the daytime when it's bright
He sleeps all through the day
And only comes out at night.

Some dragons are hideous
Some are very tall
Some are extremely fierce
And some are really small.



This dragon is not a fearsome creature
But stands up nice and tall
He's a truly handsome feature
On a pedestal by the hall.

Harry is the main attraction
In the carnival by the sea
He drives with satisfaction
The ghost train that's for free.

So if you are scared of dragons
Why don't you go down and see
Harry is a friendly dragon
Bringing enjoyment to you and me.

By Megan O'Neill (Sixth Class)


In a damp dark cave
Lived a monster who craved
Little children so succulent and sweet
Full of bones and teeth.

He lived in a gruesome harmony
Trying to end humanity
Until one day a boy stole softly into his cave
And tried to end the monsters way.


The monster caught him up
By the scruff
And set him ablaze
Until only his bones remained.

The monster snuck out of his cave
In the dead of the darkest night
And buried his bones
Until only a patch of overturned earth remained .

By Ríona Byrne (Sixth Class)


It lies under New York
Creeps and sneaks through alleyways,
And if at night in my reckoning you'll be pork
He slightly peeps when not aware
And gets you when it's not fair.

His narrow eyes glow, adapting to the show,
And only reveals his ravenous jaws when needs must,
He spits bloody mucus as thick as crude oil
With his enormous smile.
Finger and toe nails as sharp as swords
Would cut the gore from all of your pores.


It's red and dead
With one large horn on its head,
He is fast and agile and cunning as can be,
And sleeps in your dreams to wonder if you bare caught
By that mean unseen Deep Mauler from New York.

By Claude Flynn (Sixth Class)


Once upon a time
In a deep dark valley
Where everything was fine
Except for in an alley.

It was a cold night
For everything was in a muddle
While a man got a fright
When he stepped in a puddle.

What emerged from the puddle
Was out of this world
For it was a troubled monster
That had never been heard.


He was named Greengore
And he was spotty and slimy
He had a thing for ignoring
He liked eating people, no doubt about him.

The man sprinted away
As fast as he could
But the monster ate him anyway
While chasing him in the mud.

He shouted to everybody in sight
That he was in charge
Throughout the night
So be afraid at night because everything will change
With a barge through your door and a shock to your brain.

By Lauren Cahill (Sixth Class)

The dim light of the moon
Shone through the wide, weeping willows' branches,
And the window to the room,
Were the cuddled children will wake soon.

The slimy cutternups splash to the door,
To get the kids from their beds,
Let out a ravenous roar,
And not let the kids live anymore.


The children slowly wake up,
With no time to hide,
Because the hungry cutternups,
Grasp them with pride.

They keep the kids' eyeballs,
To put in a jar,
Then run through the halls.
Hope you won't hear their frightening calls.

by Paulina Skiersinis (Sixth Class)

We decided to camp out on a cold, dark eerie Halloween night
But what we didn't know was that we were in for an awful fright.
We put up our tent in the middle of an abandoned piece of land
We were relieved our night was going just as we'd planned.

We had just sat down to cook marshmallows around the roaring blaze,
And to tell spine chilling stories that would leave you petrified for days
When all of a sudden out of the middle of nowhere and to our surprise
We heard a loud strange sound and a deafening noise.

We huddled together in terrifying fear
And waited nerve wreckingly for what was about to appear.
A dark figure emerged from the trees on our right
It was a heart wrenching moment and an unforgettable sight.



The creature stood over eight feet tall
Measuring the horns on his head he was about ten feet in all
It had six arms and six legs too
Which were covered in boils and oozing with goo!

It stared right at us with his evil eye
We were so afraid we began to cry.
All of a sudden it vanished into thin air
Where it had gone to, we didn't care.

We packed up our stuff as fast as we could
And swore never again to camp in a wood.

By Savanna Byrne (Sixth Class)