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You are here Halloween Poems

As the spooky ghosts howl
And the lurching wolves growl,
The zombies moan
In the start of my poem.

The witches cackle in the moonshine
Above the old house of mine.
With Hallowe'en parties that'll never end
Where bats in the sky start to blend.


Like Frankenstein rising from a grave
And little children are never brave.
We want food such a bairín breac
That is always there just for the CREAK!

By Caitlín Cox (Sixth Class)

It's Halloween time once again
With spooks and ghouls and scary men.
The ghosts they sway along the street
And children shouting 'Trick or Treat'
The pumpkin is lit with eyes so bright
And skeletons shake all through the night
Without body or soul, he quivers and quakes
And vampires at rest are now awake.



We bob for apples and coins galore
It's so much fun, we bob for more.
The night is scary, the sky is black
We're on the run, we dare look back.
Gone home to bed and out of sight
'Cause ghosts and ghouls are such a fright.

By Hayley Byrne (Fifth Class)

It was Halloween once more
The kids were knocking at the door
Their bags half full with lots of treats
I opened the door to give them sweets.
It was a dark October night
The sky was black, not a star in sight
The wind was howling on the street
It danced around the children's feet.
I came inside to warm up
When all at once the lightning struck
A loud bang, I got such a fright
Then we were left without the light

The whole town was pitch, jet black
Little witches screamed on the path
Zombies tripping over feet
Monsters losing all their sweets
Dogs howling out in the shed.
I felt like it was the 'dawn of dead'
The only light that I could see was flickering
Pumpkins beside me
They looked so scary with their big teeth
I thought they wanted me to eat!
When the lights came I began to scream
That was my scariest Halloweeee!'

By Chloe Hallers (Fourth Class)


Halloween is here,
When the wizards do appear,
Witches fly in the sky
With their hair blowing high.

Trick or treat for a sweet
Sing or dance on the street
Fireworks crackle, bonfires burn,
If you get afraid turn and run.

By James Black (Third Class)


"Boo!" Said the ghost
As he floated through the door
But he didn't wake the vampire
Who was sleeping on the floor.

The zombie limped along
Until his leg fell off
The monster lost his tooth
When he gave a loud cough.



The cyclops looked around
With his big scary eye
And he hardly even blinked
As the witch flew by.

The ghoul sailed by
To find something to eat
I wouldn't like to go there
Saying trick or treat.

By Doireann Ní Bhroin (Second Class)



Hip Hip Hooray, it's Halloween
The greatest night to be seen.
Dressed up as witches, wizards and ghouls
And best of all - there's no school.

Knocking doors on our street,
It's Halloween, trick or treat.
Peeping out behind the curtains
Little children scraed for certain.


In the dark the witches black cat
On her broom beside a bat.
It's home we go, our goody bags too,
Here comes the ghosts now. BOO!

By Leah Morris (First Class)



The ghost gets a fright and says woooo
the vampire is covered with goo
The witch is falling off her broom
The door in the haunted castle slams with a boom.


The skeleton breaks into pieces
The zombies eyes are closed and he crashes.
All the monsters got a fright
When they saw the dark on Halloween night.

By Arran Murray (Senior Infants)



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By Chafia Flynn (Junior Infants)