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We jumped around like monkeys
And we spoke out of turn,
We raced around the classroom
We were not here to learn!

We crawled across the tables
And we leapt from chair to chair.
We scribbled on the walls
And didn't have a care.

We emptied all the schoolbags
And tore off all our ties.
We ripped up all the books we found
Which wasn't very wise.


We smashed the globe to pieces
We were utterly out of control!
When suddenly there were footsteps
Which made us tremble to our soles.

We scrambled to our seats and desks
And in the teacher came!
No one said a single word
But knew there would be blame.
Now we knew for certain she was nobody's fool
We would have to pay the price for now we're back in school.

By Kate Markey (Sixth Class)

Getting ready for my first day back
Putting my books in my new backpack,
Getting my uniform ready for the morning
Hoping school will not be boring!

Finally the big day has come
I hope my brain will not go numb
New classroom, new books, new teacher too
Lots of work and homework to do.



English, Irish, Maths, then we eat,
Out to the schoolyard with all my friends to meet.
When the bell rings we line up in the queue
Then back to class with more work to do.

By Robert Weston (Sixth Class)

The summer days they never last
September always comes around fast,
All too soon we're back to school
Freedom gone, it's time for rules.
The bags are packed and filled to the brim
Our uniforms looking shape and trim
The dreaded tie is put back on
This tells us that the summer's gone.

I'm all geared up and ready to learn
It's the start of a new year and a new term.
The thoughts of homework fill me with dread
I'd rather be playing outside instead.
The one good thing about back to school
Is that me and my friends can cause mischief and act the fool.
Luckily Miss Arrigan has a good sense of fun
So maybe this school year will be a good one.

By Eli Byrne (Fourth Class)


Lots to do now we're back to school
Homework keep coming, Oh! How cruel.
New teacher, new books, new pencils and pens
Seeing all my friends makes me happy again.

Lovely clean uniforms
Shiny clean shoes.
Sitting at my table on my stool
I know for sure now we're Back to School!

By Robyn Markey (Third Class)


I'm so happy to be back in school
My teacher Miss Dunne is so cool,
I have great fun each and every day
I even get some time to play.
I love reading and writing and Art time too
I'm even doing spellings and tables, that's new.



I really love Irish and love doing my homework
My Mammy and Daddy are proud of my good work.
I'm in first class now and I'm growing up fast
My biggest wish now is to be top of the class.

By Erin O'Leary (First Class)


Back to school, hear the bell,
I hope that this year I do well.
I've seen my teachers and all my friends,
I hope that this day never ends.


All the homework, the summer is over,
Before I know it, it will be October.
From Junior Infants up to Sixth Class
We all think today was a blast.

By Aoibhe Redmond (Second Class)



School - the best place to be.
School is my favourite.
I like doing my work
I love learning the numbers
I love playing new games


I like making new friends
I like growing new plants
I like doing PE
School is the best place to be.

By Mairead Mahon (Senior Infants)



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