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You are here Rackard League Football Final 2011/2012

Final: Bunclody 4 - 5 Glynn 0 - 4

Our Lady of Lourdes NS Bunclody and Kilmyshall NS celebrated a well-earned victory in the Rackard League Football Final in Bellefield Enniscorthy with a score line of 4 - 5 to Glynn's 0 - 4. It was a closely fought contest which was not reflected by the final score.

The first ten minutes of the game were a titanic struggle in the middle of the field. Bunclody's centre field partnership of Eddie Black & Ciaran Kavanagh slowly got the better of Glynn's pair of Dylan Lyne & Ciaran Marlow which gave the Bunclody half forward line of Edward Dunbar, Mylie Connors and Byron Byrne greater possession. This possession led to the Glynn halfbacks fouling Edward Dunbar and free taker Eddie Black took his opportunity to put Bunclody ahead by two points. Eddie combined well with Edward again a few minutes later when he delivered a pinpoint pass which Edward quickly kicked into the space his brother Cathal made. Rounding his man Cathal immediately headed for goal and kicked a wonderful shot with his right foot which goalie Diarmaid McDonald couldn't hold. Glynn responded well and full forward Jack Brazil scored a point from just outside the forty-five. Half back Jamie Kavanagh linked with Byron Byrne and Mylie Connors to set Edward free in front of goal who drove a wonderful shot beyond the Glynn goalie. During this period of dominance Eddie Black scored a well-taken point from beyond the forty-five. Glynn scored a point from a free in additional time just before the half-time whistle was sounded.

The second half was only a minute old when Eddie Black took a long-range free kick when roving full-forward Steven Kavanagh was pulled down. It fooled defenders and goalie alike and went into the goal just under the crossbar. Glynn responded with a number of positional changes and dominated the game for the next fifteen minutes but only managed to score one point from the boot of Dylan Lyne. It was a period when Bunclody's backs showed their worth with centre back Mikey Furlong and halfbacks Adam Hogan and Jamie Kavanagh repeatedly broke up the Glynn's attacks. However the Bunclody fullback line of Michael Roche, John McCormack and Daniel Farrell played the game of their lives and successfully managed to prevent the Glynn forwards from getting a strike on goal. With ten minutes to go Glynn's dominance showed when full forward Jack Brazil broke free to shoot a terrific shot towards the top left corner of the Bunclody goal. With lightning reflexes goalie Peadair Cowman sprung off his feet to fly across the goal and make a fantastic finger-tip save to put the ball over the bar. Bunclody's vociferous supporters gave him a standing ovation. Peadair had managed to keep a clean sheet for the quarter final, semi-final and now the final. That save ended Glynn's period of dominance and Bunclody again took control of the game. Gee Connors collected a long range pass from Byron Byrne who passed to Mylie Connors who drove a shot low to the right corner to score Bunclody's fourth goal. Aaron Hayes replaced Gee Connors and Ryan McDonald replaced Cathal Dunbar both corner forwards having put in a huge effort and covered a great distance during the game. Byron Byrne was given a standing ovation by the fans when he was replaced by Aidan Mahon. The fresh forwards created space and linked with Ciaran Kavanagh who scored a point from the left wing. Eddie Black scored the last point of the game with seconds remaining when he received a pass from Adam Hogan.

The final whistle marked the end to a wonderful closely fought game with Bunclody's tactic of kick passing into space and stout defending proved to be the winning combination. The victorious team visited the Half-Way House to a cheering crowd who had bonfires blazing. The team and bainisteoir George Rankin and principal's Mr. Finnerty and Mr. Roberts were then treated to a meal in Kelly's Restaurant courtesy of the local Half-Way House-Bunclody GAA club.

The team: (1)  Peadair Cowman, (2)  Michael Roche, (3)  John McCormack, (4)  Daniel Farrell, (5)  Adam Hogan, (6)  Mikey Furlong, (7)  Jamie Kavanagh, (8)  Eddie Black, (9)  Ciaran Kavanagh, (10)  Byron Byrne, (11)  Mylie Connors, (12)  Edward Dunbar, (13)  Gee Connors, (14)  Steven Kavanagh, (15)  Cathal Dunbar, (16)  Aaron Hayes, (17)  Ryan McDonald, (18)  Robert Weston, (19)  Thomas Tobin, (20)  Aidan Mahon, (21)  Adam Raleigh. Also on the panel were James Murphy, Michael Connors, Ned Connors, Con Foley and Mick Connors.