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Christmas Around Europe

Christmas Decorations
Someone Like Me
(A Story by Chafia Flynn)
Gotta Lotta Colour
Art Competition
Monster Poetry Competition October


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Toyota Car of the Future Art Competition
Build a House
Farm Safety Posters
'My Family'
Art Competition
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Ginger & Lucy
(A Story by Lili Markey)
Make a Robot Competition
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Christmas Decorations from Recycled materials
'Our School'
Art Competition
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Texaco Art
Christmas Stories
My Cosy Christmas Poems
Heroes and Heroines Poetry
Credit Union Art from Infants
Christmas Stories & Art
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Water Conservation Poems
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Texaco Art
Build a Round Tower
Halloween Poems


Back to School Poems


Happy Scarecrow House by Mairead Mahon is one entry for the Texaco Art Competition. Click to see more entries.


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Mission V Gallery
Texaco Art