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You are here Parents Emergency Accident & Illness Procedure

(a) Injured child is brought to doctor’s surgery (if applicable) as soon as possible by the two most senior staff members available or by any member of staff if looking for a particular person would cause a delay. Dr. Liam Dunne’s surgery is selected as there are three doctors in the practice.

(b) Next most senior member of staff informs parents of injured child by telephone.

(c) The class teacher will immediately investigate to find out if the child was injured or suffering from illness and this information will be given as soon as possible to the doctor by telephone by the next most senior member of staff.

(d) Teachers accompanying injured child to doctor’s surgery should remain there at least until parents arrive.

(e) Teachers accompanying injured child to doctor’s surgery should report back to the school as soon as is practicable.

(f) Follow-up contact will be made by the principal to ascertain the degree of the injury

(g) Principal will visit the child (either in hospital or at home) to maintain contact with the family

(h) No member of staff discusses legal liability with other parties

(i) No member of staff will disclose information to third parties

(j) It is not always possible to assess whether children not injured or directly involved in the incident have been traumatised or whether other members of staff in the school have been affected. In some cases reactions do not surface immediately. The school will contact the Community Care Office of the South Eastern Health Board in Gorey to seek professional advice on how to help individuals and the school as a whole cope with the effects of a major incident if necessary.