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You are here Our Work My Cosy Christmas Poetry Competition (Sixth Class)

These are entries sent to the Newstalk 106-108 fm poetry competition called 'My Cosy Christmas'

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My Cosy Christmas by Rachel Slye

Christmas is here,
It’s time for fun and cheer,
Live your Christmas happily,
Together with your family!

My family gets together,
At this special time,
To have a special dinner,
Of turkey and wine!

Standing under the mistletoe,
I might get a little kiss!
This might make my spirits glow,
Then again I might give it a miss!

My Christmas presents are underneath the Christmas tree,
The sight of that fills me up with joy and glee!
It makes me think that people care,
For they are the ones who put them there!

My family and I huddle round the fire,
Telling story’s of olden times.
favourite games.

To me, Christmas is a very cosy time of year,
My family all together is great fun and good cheer!
Poetry Competitions to enter on Newstalk radio,
Here’s hoping my one will take us to the Heilix panto!

My Cosy Christmas by Aisling Power

Christmas is coming
In just a few more days
People are putting up their decorations
In every kind of spectacular way.

Giving cards and presents
To show our love and care,
To our parents and friends
Who to us are always there.

Listening to Newstalk
On the radio,
Hearing Santa Clause
Go Ho! Ho! Ho!

Having a great laugh
Putting up the tree,
Waiting for Santa to come
Oh, I love my family.

Picture by Caitlin Cox

My Cosy Christmas by Leah Maher

My Cosy Christmas
All that springs to mind,
And all the presents
The thoughts so kind.
Dancing and Singing
And Feasting all round,
Newstalk’s Christmas songs
Such a cheery sound.

The glistening decorations
Upon the tree,
For Santa we leave out
Cookies and Tea.
Wood on the fire
Such a homely glow,
Children wishing hopefully
For a fall of snow!

As we hop into bed
On Christmas Eve,
Carrot’s for Rudolph
Out we leave.
And on Christmas morn’ as
We creep down the stairs,
Under the tree all
The presents wait there.

And oh the Christmas roast
Turkey, Potatoes but it’s the
Gravy I love most!
During Christmas the family
Are gathered together,
And not outside in the
Crisp, frosty

And so my Cosy Christmas
Is coming to an end.
A time which spent with family,
I will recommend.
And just to finish off
A greeting from me to you,
Merry Christmas and a
Happy New Year too!

My Cosy Christmas by Tomek Bialko

Christmas comes once a year
Having fun and lots of cheer
Christmas dinner and some presents
Sitting together with my parents

Under the Christmas tree I hope will be
Lots of games for my ps3
That will make me full of glee
But I hope they’re not for Xbox 360

After that will be dinner time
And all the food will be mine
Turkey, vegetables, smoked ham
All cooked by my lovely Mam.

Dad will try to eat the sweets
But we will have hidden all the treats.
This is my favourite time of year
Especially Santa and his Reindeer.

I will get Grand Theft Auto three
To show my parents that I will be
The best gamer in the history
After I play I will go for a walk
And when I get home I will listen to News-Talk.


Picture by Robert Weston

Picture by Chloe Kavanagh


My Cosy Christmas by Eoin Kelly

Christmas is near
Santa Clause will soon be hear
Up and down the chimney he goes
Listening to his radio

Sitting beside the fire
Cookies and milk always near
Waiting for that sound
Of Santa arriving with his reindeer

Bright orange flames dance merrily to the sound of the radio
Christmas jingles all around
Listening to stories from Sean Moncrieff
Tintinnabulation-what a beautiful sound

Christmas tree in the corner
Colourful decorations hung everywhere
Twinkling lights in the window,
Pieces of mistletoe here and there.

Family gathered on this wonderful eve,
Remembering Christmases of before
Everyone knows they’ll enjoy it
From loved ones, gifts and presents galore.

Off to bed the children go,
Skipping and jumping with exhilaration,
Dreams full of thrill and fluffy snow,
Can’t wait till the morning, rushing down the stairs with great determination.




Picture by Jack Regan

My Cosy Christmas by Ricky Rellis Conroy

I love Christmas, it only comes once a year
Everyone is filled with laughter and cheer.
Everyone decorates their homes with lights and decorations
Then we put up our Christmas tree to add to the celebrations.
I love to listen to music and the Christmas carols the children sing.
I really look forward to Santa and the nice presents he brings.
I like to listen to the radio especially our local station.
It really takes Tony Kehoe to play nice songs to all the nation.
I love to listen to South East Radio as I sit back and relax
In front of the big turf fire with a bowl of really nice snacks.
All families get together and with their presents they are so impressed.
But for me to listen to music by the fire
I couldn't ask for a more cosy Christmas.