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You are here Parents Policy on the Prevention & Resolution of Bullying

This policy has been formulated in accordance with the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005, the Employment Equality Acts 1998 and 2004 and the Education Acts 1998 and 2007.

Relationship to characteristic spirit of the school
At our Lady of Lourdes N.S. we endeavour to enhance the self-esteem and wellbeing of everyone in the school community and to offer a supportive environment where opportunities for development are encouraged. We believe that everyone has the right to work, engage and play in a supportive, caring and safe environment, without fear of being bullied.

Employer's Declaration
The Board of Management wishes to confirm that:

•  every person, staff member, pupil and parent who is employed or engages with our school is entitled to be treated with dignity and respect

•  everyone engaged in the life of the school has a responsibility to foster an atmosphere of respect, collaboration, openness, safety and equality, which discourages any type of bullying behaviour

•  bullying, in any form will not be tolerated

•  it will be vigilant for signs of bullying

•  it will be proactive in its assessment of the risk of bullying and in the adoption and review of management policies, practices and measures that aim, in so far as is reasonably practicable, to prevent bullying in our school or any authorised off-site school-related activities.

•  this policy will be communicated to all employees, pupils and persons other than employee who engage with our school community

•  it will promote awareness of the policy and complaints procedures

•  these polices, practices and measures will, when required, be undertaken in consultation with staff, the staff Safety Officer and the wider school community and, where necessary, will be included in the Safety Statement

•  all complaints or allegations of bullying will be treated with fairness, sensitivity and will respect the confidentiality of all parties involved

•  a person or persons alleged to have been involved in bullying behaviour will be afforded natural justice and fair procedures

•  any complaint of bullying which, on investigation, is found to be vexatious, will be dealt with through disciplinary measures decided by the Board and, in the case of employees, will also be guided by the Labour Relations Commission publication: Grievance and Disciplinary Measures

Bullying can be broadly characterised as behaviours which are unwanted, unwelcome and intimidating or offensive to the recipient. We believe that bullying is not an inevitable part of school life and that through this policy we can not only encourage best practice, but also enhance the positive atmosphere, experience and opportunities available to all at this school.

The Board of Management recognises the specific context of the school workplace environment in terms of the range of individuals who are encompassed by this policy. For this reason the policy has been formulated to set out clear guidelines and procedures in relation to bullying for each constituent part of the school body.

PART 1 deals with the application of this policy in the context of EMPLOYEES

PART 2 deals with the issue of bullying by and among PUPILS in the school.

PART 3 deals with how the policy applies to persons OTHER THAN EMPLOYEES such as parents, work experience candidates, volunteers and business contacts. .

The Board is committed to effective communication of the policy to all those potentially affected by it, including management, employees, parents and other business contacts, such as those who supply goods and services. The means of communicating the policy may include any of the following: newsletters, training manuals, training courses, leaflets, the school's website, emails and notice boards.

All employees will be made aware of the school's Policy on the Prevention and Resolution of Bullying and will receive updated and regular communication on the policy from the BOM. Particular care will be taken to communicate this policy to new employees as part of any formal induction process to familiarise them with their job and their working environment and any rules and regulations that apply. The Policy on the Prevention and Resolution of Bullying will be included in the School Plan, which is distributed to employees as part of the induction process.

A summary of the Bullying Prevention Policy will be prominently displayed on the staff notice board and in areas where members of the public, parents and others attend.

Monitoring and Review
The Board gives a commitment to review this policy on a regular basis in line with experience in the school, changes in the law, relevant case law or other developments. The Board also commits to the monitoring and recording all school related incidents of bullying. Statistics and information gathered from such monitoring will be recorded and used to assist the Board take corrective action or achieve continuous improvement in their bullying prevention policy and procedure. The staff representative on the Board of Management will ensure that monitoring, training and reviews take place.