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You are here Parents The Aims of our School

to foster an understanding and critical appreciation of the values (moral, spiritual, religious, social and cultural) which have been distinctive in shaping Irish society and which have been traditionally accorded respect in society
to nurture a sense of personal identity, self-esteem and awareness of one’s particular abilities, aptitudes and limitations, combined with a respect for the rights and beliefs of others
promote an ability to make reasoned judgements/choices and to take responsibility for their own actions
train pupils in habits of industry and perseverance
develop creativity and inventiveness and the capacity to analyse issues critically and constructively
prepare each child to avail of further education appropriate to the child
encourage self-expression in as many forms as possible but within the limit of each pupil’s ability
promote a spirit of co-operation
enable pupils to enjoy school
encourage a high standard of oral expression
enable pupils to be aware of, and understand their environment and their cultural background
teach pupils to behave in an acceptable manner
guide children to attain the highest level of academic excellence in relation to their ability including those who are disadvantaged through economic, social, physical or mental factors
train pupils in the art of initial listening
establish and promote good interpersonal relationships at all levels
to develop leadership qualities
to create tolerant, caring and politically aware members of society