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You are here Revision for Sixth Class Pupils preparing for Secondary School Entrance Tests

The following information is given as a guide to Sixth Class pupils to help them in their Revision Programme.

General Information

Start today - there is only one week left! Don't put it off - it is only revision, there is nothing new to learn!

Revision should be covered when you are fresh and not tired.

Set aside a short time each day for revision

Choose a quiet place away from distractions such as television, Playstations, brothers & sisters, mobile phones etc

Have a go at our revision Maths questions as the answers are also given if you get stuck! Try not to look at the answers before you really try to solve the problem.


Revise one "Scéilín" each day - know it by heart and be able to write it out without any help. Make sure you know all the spellings.

Know at least 5 sentences to start your story and 5 more to end your story. These can be used no matter what story you are asked to write.
Know 3 - 4 sentences on the "aimsir" - sentences about the weather can always be used as an introduction in any story. Again know all the spellings.
Revise your tenses and try to avoid using "mé" in each verb e.g. "Chuaigh mé agus mo chara" - use "Chuamar" and "Chonaic mé and Seán...." use "Chonaiceamar ..."


Mathematics: Areas for Revision
Decimals Fractions Percentages Ratio
Profit & Loss Algebra Number Time, Averages etc
Area   Mathematics Problem Solving Plan in 4 Steps