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You are here Parents Letters & Notes during 2014/2015

Letter Re. Draughts for Senior Infants (pdf file 30/04/'15)

Letter Re. Book Rental/Arts/Crafts/Photocopying for School Year 2015/2016 (pdf file 27/04/'15)

DES Grant Application Form for Book Rental (pdf file 27/04/'15)

Percussion Performance (pdf file 14/04/'15)

Active Schools Newsletter (pdf file 12/03/'15)

School Calendar for 2015/2016 (pdf file 26/02/'15)

Letter re. World Book Day Thursday 5th March (pdf file 26/02/'15)

Letter re. Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes (pdf file 10/02/'15)

Letter re Reading Eggs Subscription (Infants, First Class) (pdf file 20/01/'15)

Letter re Cairde Envelopes (pdf file 13/01/'15)

Letter re Presentation of medals to Rackard League Winning Team (pdf file 05/12/'14)

Letter re Concert Arrangements (pdf file 04/12/'14)

Letter re Infants Visit to the Post Office (pdf file 04/12/'14)

Letter re. Christmas Concert Tickets (pdf file 24/11/'14)

Letter re. Parent/Teacher Meetings 19th & 20th November (pdf file 11/11/'14)

Letter re. Gaeilge Club Second Letter (pdf file 03/11/'14)

Letter re. Gaeilge Club (pdf file 03/11/'14)

Letter re. Club Francais for pupils in 6th class (pdf file 04/11/'14)

Letter re. SCRATCH Computer Programming classes for 5th & 6th classes (pdf file 21/10/14)

Letter re Visit to Theatre for Junior & Senior Infants (pdf file 08/10/2014)

Letter re Halloween Walk taking place on Wednesday 22nd October (pdf file 08/10/2014)

Letter re Anti-Bullying Presentation (pdf file 07/10/2014)

Letter re Parents Council AGM on Monday 6th October (pdf file 30/9/14)

Letter from Parents Council about Copper Run Fundraiser (pdf file 24/9/14)

Letter to Parents regarding Attendance Monitor for School Year 2014/2015 (pdf file 23/9/14)

Letter to Parents of Pupils in Second Class about First Holy Communion Programme (18th September)

Literacy Survey for Pupils from 2nd to 6th Class (16th September)

Letter to Parents of Junior Infants re Book Rental/Arts & Crafts and Application Form for DES Book Rental Grant Scheme (4th September)

Primary Online Database Letter (3rd September)

Letter 1 Welcome Back to School August 29th 2014

Rackard League Football Letter 29th August 2014

Chess Application Form August 29th 2014

Hearing & Vision Consent Form (HSE) for Junior Infants August 2014

Pupil Personal Accident Insurance Application Form 2014/2015 (Allianz)