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You are here Enrichment Programme Introduction

The aim of our Enrichment Programme is to provide something different to the normal classroom experience and enable students to:

Challenge themselves to achieve to their full potential
Learn skills they may not acquire in a classroom
Have opportunities for leadership
Develop new interests
Widen their intellectual experiences
Learn to cope with new challenges
Improve independent learning skills
Have opportunities to experiment
Have the opportunity to question and express their opinions

Our Enrichment Programme can be divided in four main areas:
Activities and Clubs organised as extra-curricular activities (open to all pupils willing to actively participate and attend regularly)
Activities organised during play breaks (open to all pupils willing to actively participate)
Activities and Programmes held on Thursday afternoons (6 week programmes) during school time (selected by teachers through interest shown by pupils, through academic achievement and through dedicated work)
Programmes & Visits organised during school hours (open to all pupils)


Pupils are given the opportunity to participate in a wide range of after-school activities organised through the Enrichment Programme.
During 2016/2017 the following extra curricular activities are available free of cost as teachers have volunteered to run the clubs:

Club Francais (Mondays)

LEGO Robotics Club (Tuesdays)

Gaeilge Club (Tuesdays)

Debating Club (Tuesdays)

Google Computer Science (CS) First Club (Tuesdays)

Maths Circle (Wednesdays)

Chess Club (Fridays)

Draughts for Senior Infants (held during final term of school year)

Other clubs and activities are currently being considered.........

Activities organised during play breaks this year include the following:
Volleyball League (Fifth & Sixth Classes)
Soccer League (Fourth, Fifth & Sixth Classes)
Chess (Any of the 75 pupils who play chess can play on wet days when they remain inside)
Programmes to increase pupils' activity during play breaks in line with our school's Active School Plan

Activities organised during Thursday afternoons include:
Painting Classes
Mathematics with ISAK9
eLearning Projects through Léargas
Spelling Bee
Table Quizzes
Digital Stories
Brainology Programme
Other projects will be added as the year progresses .....

Programmes & Visits organised during school hours:
Music Classes
Gymnastics (Infants)
Percussion Workshops
Visit to the theatre (Infants)
Science Workshops
Bullying Awareness Workshops
Visits to art galleries, museums, Third Level Institutions, etc

Our Enrichment Programme on Thursdays will certainly cater for the academically bright pupils who need to be challenged but crucially it also includes those pupils who display talent in such areas as music, sports, singing, art, performing arts, leadership and display creative thinking. The school will work to ensure that it is a holistic and inclusive programme which helps to develop all talents and builds pupils’ self-esteem. Flexibility and discretion will be used in deciding whether a pupil should be included in the various programmes. The school is aware that no identification strategy is perfect and also that diverse talents emerge at various ages and in different circumstances so we never regard a child’s potential as fixed.

Can my child opt out of the Enrichment Programme?
The school is anxious that the decision to partake in the Enrichment Programme is not undertaken lightly. Pupils should know that the school expects them to strive to reach their potential. ‘Giving up’ should not be an option. The programme is designed to both challenge and excite the pupil and an element of fun is considered crucial.

Does this mean more homework?
It might sometimes, but certainly not more of the same! Occasionally this work may take longer or be spread over a number of days. For instance pupils in the senior classes will be taught computer programming. This project will ask pupils to do tasks which require trial and error. Invariably this type of ‘homework’ could take longer and may involve a visit to the local library if the pupil does not have a computer at home. Perhaps a pupil with a particular talent in art may be asked to complete a painting, this could take longer than usual. Perhaps a pupil with a talent for music may be asked to learn a piece in a relatively short time to perform in front of peers or guests and this may require longer practice than usual. But this work should be an enjoyable challenge and should not be considered a chore.

Will this mean less support for the less able pupils in the school?
No. We believe that provision for the more able child should not be made at the expense of other pupils. However, brighest pupils also have additional educational needs and have as much right to provision as any other child.

Is a pupil with a learning disability excluded from the programme?
Absolutely not! The school is very aware that a learning disability such as dyslexia or a language difficulty may mask the pupil’s true potential.

Can pupils not identified by the teacher take part in the Thursday afternoon activities?
Yes whenever possible. As already stated the school realises that diverse talents emerge at various ages and in different circumstances so we never regard a child’s potential as fixed. Many resources, challenges and competitions will be available to all our pupils as indeed is currently the case.