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Brainology Programme

Link to new site GIFTEDKIDS

BBC for Schools (Site of the BBC)

Cool Maths 4 Kids (Have great fun with Maths)

Dr. Mark's Advanced Thinking & Learning (Many free brain puzzles to download)

Squeakland (Home of Squeakland's EToys)

Interdependence (Venus Flytrap and many other interesting videos on nature)

Deep Cells (Key scientific information about cells)

Algebra Help (Algebra Help solves algebra problems just like a tecaher would and gives you the answers!)

San Francisco Orchestra for Kids (The San Francisco Symphony site for Kids - excellent site for young music lovers)

Rhyme Zone Dictionary & Thesaurus (Type in a word to find its rhymes, synonyms, definitions, and more )

Howjsay (An English Pronouncing Dictionary with Instant Sound)

ThinkQuest Library (Over 7000 websites created by students around the world but now archived!)

My Pop Studio for GIRLS (A creative play experience that strengthens critical thinking skills about television, music, magazines and online media directed at girls.)

My Wonderful World (My Wonderful World is a National Geographic-led campaign to expand geographic learning in school, at home, and in communities)

AHA! Puzzles (Great variety of puzzles & their answers)

Spy Code for Kids

Code for Cubs & Scouts