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(Do you like to solve puzzles with either numbers or language? Are you interested in Leonardo Da Vinci and the Renaissance? If you answered 'yes' to these quetions then you will really enjoy this project.)

(This box of artefacts has been collected from somewhere in the world. Accepting this mission will lead you far from Ireland to explore foreign landscapes, music, food, buildings and famous people.)

(Explore colour, line, shape/form/pattern and texture in Art. Especially for those interested in art and colour)

(We have a collection of postcards which were sent to us by an Irish tourist visiting France. Our visitor sent the postcards when he was on holidays. He says what he saw was fantastic! Can you look at the postcards and discover where he was?)

Lets have fun looking at planet Earth. There are many truly wonderful sights to be seen. Have you seen the Grand Canyon in America or visited the amazing city of Venice in Italy? Well, this is your chance to fly like a bird over many wonderful places without leaving your chair.

Follow John Smith as he helps establish the Jamestown colony, explores the Chesapeake Bay, and meets local Indians in this new kids game. (National Geographic)

(Search for artefacts and identify the mummy buried in a mysterious ancient Egyptian tomb -National Geographic)

(Throughout history and around the globe, many different things have served as money. Play this game to find out just what money has been. You'll need to keep your wits about you if you want to get home. . . . (International Monetary Fund website)

See if you can get the best price for the goods you sell and the biggest bargains for the goods you buy. Watch how the global economy is doing: the prices you'll be able to get and the deals you can make depend on how healthy the global economy is. (International Monetary Fund website)

Click above to see how bone length can be used to calculate height, create your own bill for forensic testing, or solve forensic logic problems - - and more, much more!