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My Super Hero
by Ríona Byrne (Second Class)
Heroes and Heroines
by Eli Byrne (Second Class)

My Superhero will come to me
As fast as lightning 1, 2, 3.
Dressed in blue from head to toe
With hair as white as snow.

"Hop on" she says, "We're off to the moon
We will be there fairly soon."
Up and down we go flying high, flying low,
Passing rockets as we go.

"Whee! Whee!" I cry "Enough for me
It's time to go home for my tea
I hope there's something nice for me."

When we think of heroes, it's often super powers and capes
That fuels our imagination and gives us an escape
From the sad and sometimes tragic things that occupy our lives
In a world that's full of darkness and where chaos and evil thrives.
But there are true heroes who exist outside the world of popularity and fame
You don't have to search far to find them, you might even know their name
Because you see these heroes live among us, showing courage, thought and strength
Often going out of their way to help us at any length
They're him they're her, they're mums and dads, they're even you and me
'Cause when we think of others, we're the most powerful Heroes that can be.
Heroes by Megan O'Neill (Second Class)
My Oldma Was a Hero by Andy Cash

My hero is big and strong,
Helping me when things go wrong.
He's dressed in red
And has boots with lead.

He can fly very high,
Anywhere in the sky.
Racing at speed
When I am in need.

I'll always feel safe
When I see his red cape.

My Oldma was a hero is all that I can say,
And when I was only a baby
She taught me how to pray.
And very very nervous
Of planes and cars and roads
But one day got the courage and headed off to Lourdes.

She told us all the stories of that great wonderful place
And said 'Son, one day when you're older, I'll take you to that wonderful place'.

So when I reached the age of eight we headed off for that
Great wonderful place,
And when we reached the Grotto and say that joy and peace,
And people praying all around,
And some were on their knees,

I knew at that very moment Oldma's stories were very true,
And so I'd like to thank her,
A hero true and true,
'Cause if it was not for Oldma,
All those love stories I wouldn't believe were true,
To find a place like heaven on earth was really really true.


Hero by Adam Byrne (Second class)
My Hero by Bronagh Judge

My hero is brave and strong
He never does anything wrong.
He saves the young and the old
From people who are very bold.

I love my hero, yes I do
There are plenty of heroes for me and you.
You and me have the hero we like
Us and our heroes will play on our bike.

My Hero loves to run,
We laugh and have some fun.
He is very cool,
Sometimes acting the fool.

We play together every day,
Sometimes getting in Mum's way.
I love him very much,
He loves me too.

My Hero is my Dad,
And I am very glad.


My Heroine by Sebastian Wisniewski
Super Woman by Paraic Nolan

My favourite hero is my Mammy.
My Mammy is the best because she is very good.
She bring me up very good
And look after me.

My Mammy very good at cooking.
She feeds me everyday -
Breakfast, dinner and supper.
She helps me with my homework everyday.

She tells me lots of stories.
My Mammy is the best and
I really love my Mammy.

Super woman is my favourite girl hero.
She always helps the good people and
She will catch all the bad ones.
I like that she can fly through the sky and
She never gets stuck in traffic.
She has guns in her knuckles.
She wears a red cape and a blue outfit.