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You are here Puzzles Index How much for Australian animals?

Difficulty Level: (Puzzle Identification Number: 2C)

Each letter of the alphabet is worth a certain amount of money. Using the code, work out the cost of each animal. Add the value of each letter as shown in the example.

Example: What is the value of the word 'MOUSE'? M = 13 cents, O = 15 cents, U = 21 cents, S = 19 cents and E = 5 cents. Now we add their values 13 + 15 + 21 + 19 + 5 = 73. So a MOUSE is worth 73 cents.

What is the value of each of the animals below found in Australia?

Send the answers to Mr. R by email: (Don't forget to include the Puzzle Identification Number 2C)

If you don't have email, just put your answers in the MA&T Box on the piano in the Assembly Hall.