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The Wash Away Goblins by Ben Markey

Chapter 1: The Tide Comes

Plonker and Winbat sat on the beach giggling and laughing at each others jokes. It was a beautiful red evening and there was not a hint of clouds. Plonker and Winbat were not the brightest goblins. Yes goblins! They didn't notice the tide slowly creep in. First it tickled their toes and then it summoned a massive wave which hit the goblins with such force they were carried out to sea. A moment later they burst to the surface cursing and wailing. They swam for their lives but it was no use. They were too far from land and they couldn't get back. Plonker and Winbat screeched and yelled but their screams were carried away by the wind. The thought that they might not get home made them shiver as they were carried further out to sea.

Chapter 2: Going Fishing

Droops, Conefeet and Goodlooks were the best of friends. They would never start an argument and never sulk. Goodlooks had written a letter to Conefeet and Droops and left it at Droops door. He read it out loud:

Dear Good Friends, gone to Taque Beach fishing. Meet me there. Goodlucks.

Droops grabbed his fishing rod and hurried to tell Conefeet the news. When he arrived he knocked on the door. “Go away”, a gruff voice replied. “I have a letter from Goodlooks”, Droops said. Conefeet opened the door. “What's up with pretty boy now”, he said. Droops showed him the letter. Conefeet ran back into his house and returned with his fishing hat and rod. “We better catch up with pretty boy”, he said.

Droops and Conefeet arrived at Taque beach to see their good friend. He was sitting on his bucket with his rod gazing at the ocean. Droops and Conefeet ran down the beach and joined him. “Hello my dear friends”, he greeted them. “Catch any fish yet?” Conefeet asked. “Nope, they must have fled after the storm yesterday”, he replied. “My yard is in a mess”, Droops continued, “my trees were torn up and my windows are broken”. Droops rod started to move from side to side. “I've got something, it's a whopper”, he cried. The tug of war ended with a splash! Droops was thrown in the air and landed flat on his face in the water. He paddled out clutching a note in his hand. “What's that?” Conefeet asked. Droops read the note:

Washed away by tide! By time you get letter we might be dead! From Plonker and Winbat.

The goblins gasped. They stayed stunned in silence until Goodlooks shouted, “We have to save them”.


Chapter 3: Silent Spies

All this time the friends had been chatting another goblin was watching them. He was called Fudgey. They called him that because he got mixed up with his words and sentences. One day instead of saying, “God Save the Queen”, he said, “Queen Save the God”. He would say he found something when he meant he had lost it. He was easily confused. Behind a nearby bush two nasty brother and sister goblins, Gluetip and Mossey were also watching Fudgey.

Gluetip crept up on Fudgey and pounced. “Gummy bears”, Fudgey yelled as he fell to the ground. “Tell me where the treasure is”, Gluetip demanded. Mossey and Gluetip had dug holes all over the beach looking for treasure they had lost years ago. “Got me”, Fudgey said and turned out his pockets to reveal five paperclips. “Aaah treasure”, Gluetip screamed in delight. “I'm not so sure”, Mossey said suspiciously sniffing the paperclips and frowning. “They're silver”, Gluetip disagreed, “I've got a brain and you don't”. “No you don't”, she cried grabbing her brother by the throat and hitting him. “Take it back, take it back”, Mossey screeched. Fudgey took a step away and hurried over to where Goodlucks, Conefeet and Droops were planning their rescue mission on a piece of paper. Fudgey wondered if that was the treasure or was it that shiny stuff he'd seen almost a year ago?

“Here comes trouble”, Conefeet said as Fudgey came towards them. “Lost goodies”, Fudgey said, “no wait that's not how you say it”. Droops rolled his eyes. “How much of our plan did you hear?” Droops asked. “Thing every”, Fudgey said. “Well are you going to help?” asked Goodlooks. “I have a craft”, Fudgey said. “You mean a raft”, Droops corrected. The goblins hurried down the beach after Fudgey until they came to the most western part, Sana Gosta. There was a raft lying on the edge of the water. “Let's get some food aboard”, Goodlooks suggested. “Fudgey and I will get the food and you two stay here”, Droops offered. They headed down Sana Gosta in search of some food.

Meanwhile Gluetip and Mossey had stopped arguing. Gluetip hissed, “You're right this isn't treasure”. Mossey slithered over to the beach, “That Fudgey has tricked us”, she said. “Don't worry sister we'll get our revenge”, said Gluetip as they quietly crawled down the beach. “It's cold out here”, Goodlooks moaned. “Too cold for my toes”, Conefeet agreed. They friends did not notice Mossey and Gluetip until the pounced on top of them. “I've got him, I've got him”, Gluetip cried. “Help”, yelled Conefeet as Gluetips nails dug into him. Goodlooks ran at Gluetip screaming as he ran. He hit him on the head with his fist. Gluetip released Conefeet and blood gushed from his neck where Gluetip had torn his skin. Just as Mossey was about to bite Goodlooks she fell to the ground. Droops stood over her with a large stick in his hand.

Chapter 4: The Island of Thorns

Plonker and Winbat clung to the back of the whale. It was lucky that Plonker had kept a pen and some paper in his pocket. The note he had written had now drifted out of sight.

To be continued....................

To Be continued . . . Click here to read the full book (pdf format)