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The Goblet of Everlife by Ben Markey

Chapter 1: The Queen of Maggrail

An arrow whizzed through the door and hit an archer. "Fall back to the next keep", a lion-like figure called. Kileo raced through the castle, jabbed at the nearest enemy with his sword and axe and reached the next keep. "Tork you're captain while I'm gone", he called to a boar. The boar snorted before attacking his next foe. Kileo ran on still going north. He took out his compass and muttered, "Life, just so greedy for it". He then turned right. Banging knives against shields could be heard. The goblins were getting close. Ever since the goblins had escaped the prisons there had been war in the castle. Kileo moved over to the window ledge. It was night. A scent hung in the air. Kileo took out his axe and hesitated before leaping out the window into the moat.

Todd Richards was starting to annoy James and Terry. He'd been at them for a week now. James could not walk through the locker room without getting his face smashed while Terry ran away from all the fights. Todd had gotten him in detention more than five times and Terry was always getting a trip to the toilet which wasn't good. It was on Friday that the strange things started to happen. It was November 26 th .

I got up at 7 o'clock. I grabbed my clothes and slung my bag over my shoulder. The sun rose in the distance. A low silence filled the house. I expected it to be filled with noises, the kettle on, dogs barking, my mom shouting at me to get up and more. I trampled downstairs. My mom was nowhere to be seen, strange. I grabbed a glass of juice from the fridge and yelled, "I'm off to school". No answer. Limping to my bike I pushed on the pedals and started to cycle to school.

I got off my bike and put it against the wall. People rush around. I went to my locker hoping I wouldn't meet Todd and his gang. I opened my locker and a letter fluttered out. It read:

Mr. O'Sullivan meet me in the library. Miss Arrigan

What did she want now, to tell me to keep my head down and do my work? As I closed my locker a girl appeared beside me. "Hi O'Sullivan", she smiled. "What do you want Chloe", I growled. "Look who's in the newspaper", she said handing it to me. It was a picture of me talking to Todd with my fist raised and Todd laughing. "Detention again", the headline said. I ignored her and headed to the library.

The corridor was dark and there was an awful smell like someone had died. The corridor was full of whispering and giggling and it wasn't humans doing it for sure. I reached the library door and went in. It was bright inside and Miss Arrigan was standing at the end of the room, eyes closed, hands raised. Her eyes flung open. "Well it's time you give it to me James", she demanded. "What?" I replied. "Wrong answer", she screamed. Her body started to change. Her wrinkles disappeared and turned into beauty, her hair turned black. A smooth black dress appeared and a creature was at her feet. It had a long red bow and an arrow hung from it. It was a goblin.

"I am Hesatey, Queen of Maggrail", she hissed. Hesatey flew forward and grabbed me. "Last chance", she said, "where is it?" Mr. Donahey opened the door to the library. "Leave him alone you witch", he screamed. "Haden", she cursed. A surge of energy flew through the room and hit Hesatey. She dropped me and vanished.

Chapter 2

I stood there in awe. Questions swirled in my head. "What happened", I managed. "Meet me after school", Mr. Donahey said as he ran out the door. The bell rang. I couldn't afford to miss another class even though I was so confused. The worst part was I had to go to volleyball and Todd would be there.

Terry must have been absent. Mr. Donahey was coaching and I couldn't stop glancing at him...........

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