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This is the second book of stories inspired by Ben Markey. He loved sports and had a wide range of interests and he certainly had a love of books and writing. He had great ideas for stories but often wouldn't finish them because he would think of a new or better story he couldn't wait to start. He always intended to come back at a later time to complete them. This book is our way of remembering an extraordinary boy we all loved and miss so much. Over 200 pupils wrote their own endings to "A Fox Called Caspian" and I congratulate their fantastic work. Unfortunately we were restricted to twenty one of them for publication. These endings represent the wide range of pupils from second to sixth class. I thank pupils from Kildavin NS, St. Brigid's NS Clonegal and Carrigduff NS who also took part in this year's project. (James Roberts, Principal)


A Fox Called Caspian by Ben Markey

When his Dad asked if he would like to go hunting, Josh had to say yes. Josh had been sitting on the sofa for most of the day flicking through the channels on the T.V. It was the 5 th of December and the snow lay scattered across the ground. The thick clouds were so white they were nearly as white as the snow. The sheep were huddled together in their sheltered house.

"Josh hurry", his father called. Josh hurried over to get his scarf and coat. "Coming", he replied. He raced to the door and caught up with his Dad. "Today we're catching some rabbit for stew", his Dad said. Josh rolled his eyes, "Yum", he said sarcastically. "It's Ironwood Forest", his Dad said, "you better get a torch, it's dark in there". His Dad opened the door. A gust of wind blew in his face. The snow fell silently to the ground while the winter breeze flew through the air. The birds danced in their trees and sang.

They began to walk down the road and into a ditch. The sheep bleated happily to themselves. Josh ran through the snow and pointed to some tracks. "I saw a fox there when I was checking the sheep last night", he said proudly. His Dad went over to him. "You aren't wrong", he said. The tracks were clear enough. "They're leading to the forest, stay alert", his Dad said.

He headed north. Clouds circled the mountains like vultures. It took an hour before they got to the forest. They let out a sigh of relief. They picked a spot at the centre of the forest and laid some traps. Josh took out his torch. He ran through the undergrowth and hid behind an oak tree. Josh heard something move across the bracken. He tried to identify it but it was too fast. A trap snapped. Josh ran to see what it was. "Noooooo", his Dad screamed but it was too late. A trap caught his ankle. Pain overtook him. He tripped and started to roll down the hill so fast that everything went black.

Josh woke in a strange place. He was lying on some smooth leaves and comfortable twigs. A selection of berries was in a corner of the room. It was a den. Josh reached for the berries but his leg held him back. A leaf was tied tightly around his wound. Josh noticed a hole big enough for him to fit through. He heard some leaves scuttle outside. Finally he could see this person kind enough to help him. A head appeared at the hole and it was not a person. It was a fox!

It took Josh a couple of minutes to calm down. "Hey", Josh said quietly. He reached out to rub the foxes head. "Thanks for saving me", he managed. "I think I'll call you Caspian. Caspian tucked his head under Josh's arm. The fox reached for a berry and gave it to Josh who was starving. Then the fox disappeared back through the hole. Josh realised he'd made a friend. He took two twigs and started to rub them together to make a fire. A spark shot from the twig and landed on the floor. A flame shot up from the floor and hit the roof. The den was on fire!

"Help", Josh screamed. Caspian appeared at the entrance. He caught Josh by the shirt and hauled him up and out. "Good boy", Josh coughed. His face was covered in ash. Josh laid his head back for a minute. It was midnight. Stars hung in the sky like diamonds. "Thanks again Caspian", he whispered. Josh had set his home on fire. He tried to stand but fell. Caspian dragged him over to an oak tree. He saw some traps, there was blood on two of them. Josh understood. Caspian had been caught by a trap as well. He gazed at Caspian's ankle. It had healed a bit over the day but the mark was still there. "Sorry", Josh sobbed. Josh spotted a lake at the other side of the forest. "Come on boy, you thirsty? Because I am".

Caspian dragged Josh over to the lake. They both took a huge gulp of water. Josh saw a log floating slowly through the water. He reached out to get it and it snapped at him. Josh lost his balance and fell in. Josh had been taken by a crocodile. Caspian dived onto its back and dug his claws into the beast. Blood gushed from the wound and the crocodile roared in pain. Josh swam up to the surface at the other side of the lake. Caspian was not in sight. Josh pushed through some trees to reveal a familiar house. He walked over and knocked on the door. Two people appeared. "Mom, Dad", he gasped before collapsing.

A week later Josh was back at school. He had not forgotten about his adventure. When he got home his Mom and Dad were waiting in the sitting room. A fox was there in front of them. "Caspian", Josh exclaimed. Josh explained how Caspian had saved him and they agreed to keep him ........

To be continued ......................................

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