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You are here To Be Continued .... 2014 All Alone

Ben Markey had a love of books and writing. Although very interested in sports he had great ideas for stories, many of which he started but didn't finish because he would think of a new or better idea he couldn't wait to start. He used a new copy or notebook for each story though because he always intended to come back and finish each one. We have taken one of Ben's stories called 'All Alone' and asked our pupils to compose their own endings. This is our way of remembering an extraordinary boy we all loved and miss so much. Although over 180 pupils wrote their own endings to 'All Alone' we have restricted ourselves to 27 of them for publication here. First read Ben's story and then click on the name of a pupil to read how they finished his story. (James Roberts, Principal)


All Alone by Ben Markey

Chapter 1

I regret not being there to save her. If only I was faster. If I had known what was going to happen then none of this would have happened. I wouldn't be on the streets, my mother wouldn't be dead and none of this stuff would be real. It was November the 21st . My name was Eddie Strauss.

I lived in the city of New York in an apartment. It was 7 o'clock on a very dark day. I had no father or brother or sister and all my relations lived in England. I sat on my bed listening to the radio. I was 8 years old. The lights flickered above me. Slowly I walked over to the balcony. I stood there gazing at the city until my mother called from the kitchen, "Eddie dear, we're a little low on milk, could you go buy some?" "Yes", I sighed reaching into my wallet and pulling out six dollars. I turned off the radio and made my way to the stairs. "Eddie", my mother called again, "don't forget to stop before crossing the road". "Yes", I replied. I walked down the mountain of stairs. Another mistake I made, I should have used the elevator.

By the time I reached the bottom I was exhausted. I stopped before crossing the road. The petrol station wasn't far from our apartment. I pulled up my hood. I stopped because my feet were aching. I made so many stupid mistakes if I think about them now I'd probably hit myself. I finally reached the petrol station and walked in. There was a man at the counter. There was no line so I got the milk and hurried over to him. "All alone?" the man frowned. I nodded. "Careful on the road", he reminded me. I handed him the money, took the milk and walked out the door.

When I reached my apartment I put the milk in the fridge. The electricity had gone and the apartment was silent. "I'm back", I called. No reply. Something lay on the floor. When I bent down to check I fell over horrified. I got to my feet and wiped a tear from my eye. I prayed I was just dreaming. What lay on the floor was.......my mother. Blood sprayed from her chest. She was staring up at the ceiling dead. It was horrible; I still have dreams about her. The scene is still stuck in my head.

A shadow moved in the hall and I hurried over to the door still shaken. A man stood in the centre of the room. When he turned I got a glimpse of his face. He had long brown hair and dark blue eyes. He wore a coat that went down to his knees, a pair of black trousers and old shoes. The thing that haunts me is his smile, cruel and dangerous. He reached for his rifle. Before he could do so I lunged forward and banged into him with such force that he was knocked off his feet and crashed into the wall. The murderer blinked in surprise. I wondered where my new strength had come from.

I looked at the man and hatred and rage boiled inside me. He got to his feet. I sprinted over to the rifle and kicked it into the kitchen. He scowled at me and I sneered back. He turned to the elevator and I let him escape this time. I took the rifle and put it in my hoody pocket. If someone found out my mother was murdered they'd have to send me to the orphanage. No way was I going to the orphanage. I packed my clothing in a bag and said my goodbyes. I threw it over my shoulder and started walking down the stairs.

Chapter 2

I was so busy crying I didn't realise how thirsty I was. I was far, far away from my apartment. Thunder boomed overhead. Lightening crashed across the sky making it light up brightly. Where had they come from? I didn't care, all I wanted to do was be in bed, my mother would tuck me in and say goodnight. I'd drift into a deep sleep and have nothing to worry about. Unfortunately that didn't happen. The stars littered the sky making me see clearly. I stopped between two skyscrapers and stumbled in between them. There was a rubbish bin at the corner of the area. Scrumpled up papers, banana peels and old cans were scattered all around it giving the place a dreadful smell. I tried not to breathe and take that pungent odour in. I took two dusty blankets off the ground and wrapped them around me. It was cold and wet but it didn't matter. I sat leaning against the wall, the moon was now full. I looked at my watch and it said 11.35. I prayed it was all just a dream and I'd wake up tomorrow and be happy. I must have fallen asleep.

I was in a large room. There were liquids being poured into glass bottles. It was like a lab one of those mad scientists would have.

To be continued ......................................

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