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You are here Three Year Plan 2010 - 2013 What is working well? What our pupils liked.


Because it makes you think about something else. It is something to look forward to. I love the gymnastics and hurling. PE with George is really fun. I love Sports Day because I love running and it's great fun. I really like Rackard League and football after school.


It helps me get my homework done. It gives me time to play after school. I like Homework Club because it gets you into the habit of doing homework.

They are fun and new. I love chess because I love to help the school win competitions. I love chess. I like Scratch because you get to make interesting games. I love chess because it is very educational and fun. I love chess because you can do it after school with your friends and get great help. I like Scratch as I like computer programming.


They make school fun. I like the teachers because they are nice and they listen to what you have to say. I like the teachers because they are friendly and kind. They are kind and helpful. Because they are nice and good fun. I like my teacher as she is great fun and makes learning easy. All the teachers are nice. They are always there to help you and they know everyone individually. Teachers are always nice and my children are always happy to talk about school.


I like to meet and play with my friends there. I like to play on the basketball courts. Because it is big enough to play all sorts of stuff. Playing outside gives us an opportunity to refill our energy and have fun. I like it because you have lots of space to run around. I love the play areas because they are spacious and there are lots of things to do. I like the way there are so many pitches to play on at break times. I like the play ground because I feel safe in it. I like going to school because all my friends are there.


I like it because I like to do exercise. Because we dance and play traffic lights and Linda comes in on Thursdays. PE twice a week is fun. I love PE because it helps me get fit and it is lots of fun. It keeps me fit. We love dancing. It is great fun. I have lots of fun. I like the PE hall because we still can do PE even when it is raining. I like gymnastics because it is really fun. I like PE because it's fun. I love the hall because even when it is raining you can always have PE. I really love PE because I love sports. I like PE because I like playing sports. I love PE.


Discovering new things and trying them at home. I like drawing pictures and writing letters. Because other teachers come over. We spend time doing nice things. I love art and crafts. I love to paint and colour. I like the competitions because you get to show that you can draw, paint and colour. I love Art. I like art because it is fun. I like doing art in school because the teacher always has something new to do. I love painting.


I like to play with them. School is cool - I feel very well in school. Because we wouldn't meet up otherwise. Because I can play tag with my friends. I can talk to my friends and I can play. Seeing my friends is what I like because they're fun. I get the chance to make new friends.


It is exciting to know who wins. I like these certificates because if you work hard you can earn the award. Because I look forward to getting it. It encourages us to do our best every week. Student of the Week is exciting.


It is good fun. It is a great competition for everyone to take part in.


Constant supply of great books. There is a large selection of great books. There are always good books to read and sometimes new ones.


I love computers and would love to do even more. Different to normal subjects. School's website has plenty of activities.


Because I can play if I have been good. I like Golden Time on Fridays as I get to play with toys when I'm good. I love Golden Time at the end of the week. The traffic lights system makes children behave well.


I look forward to going in and it helps me get settled for the day.


I like English because we get to make things and I also enjoy writing stories. English is my favourite subject. I love playing 'Buzz Off' and 'Champs'. I love Reading Eggs. English gives me the chance to write stories which I like.


I like discovering new things every day. I'm good at Maths. Because it is fun and great for your brain. Because we need it every day in our life.


I like it because we get to learn different words in another language. Irish is my favourite subject. I am really good at Irish.


I like it as I learn how people lived a long time ago. History is my favourite subject. I like History because it's interesting.