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You are here Three Year Plan 2010 - 2013 What is working well? What our parents say.


Although we haven't had access to all yet (S.I.) it is reassuring to see that the school supports children receiving an all rounded education. Scratch has been the best extra-curricular activity as my child loves computers and I feel this will give him a great chance to improve. Chess has helped my child to calm down a lot and helps concentration. Entering competitions is great for a child. They are all fun. Chess & Scratch are very enjoyable. Big choice of extra lessons after school and it makes children's skill and knowledge bigger. Sport is great. Non-teaching staff very helpful. A big choice of extras after school. Speech & Drama After School - Great to have after school activities actually in the school building. It helps kids to make friendships outside of school. Speech & drama good for confidence. Children are eager to participate - that says it all. They show children that school is not just about things that are not fun, they are still learning but in a different way. It is very good for a child that is not necessarily an academic because they can see they can be good at something whether it is music, computers or sports so they can be good for building their confidence.


Works well most of the time. Keeps children motivated and encourages self- esteem. My child lives for it. It gives children a great sense of achievement. It seems very fair where each child gets the award for their individual ability. We feel reward is an important incentive. The kids, young as they are, appreciate the recognition. It gives motivation to children for harder work. It motivates children for harder work. I think Pupil of the Week is a great way of encouraging children to improve and be friendly with other pupils.


Teachers are always helpful and caring about good relations between them and parents. Principal seems to be enjoying his work. Principal is always happy and he knows all the names of the children. Dedicated teachers who foster a love of learning in the children and listen to children's and parents' concerns. Principal shows children they deserve respect from adults and he cares about safety too. The welcome that the children get at the school gates and by the teacher each morning shows how happy an environment it is be in. Principal always waits for children before school - he gives attention to children and cares about children's' safety. Teachers are dedicated and enthusiastic. Great commitment to the school. Friendly, approachable, hard working and student orientated staff. Great welcoming and friendly ethos within the school where children are very happy. Teachers and principal are very approachable and willing to discuss your child's progress if you are worried about anything. Teachers have always been very approachable and helpful and so has the principal. Great that the teachers are so kind.


This is a great help to parents and especially to the working mother. We are two working parents and the morning supervision shouldn't be a factor for the education system, but it really helps us a lot. Supervision in the hall on wet days much safer and well organised. Lining up in the yard is working great as children are left at school yard where teacher is there to oversee. 8.40am supervision of pupils really helps working parents.


Children really enjoy bringing home the books and reading to us. Lovely to see children enthusiastic about books and sharing their enthusiasm with each other. Encourages reading at home. Adults in library to help choose from a wide variety of books is great. Brilliant selection of books. The school library is a great facility. It certainly encourages children to read outside of the curriculum. Great facility and good range of books. Easy access to books.


Great financial help to all families. Eases financial pressure and facilitates all children having easy access to materials they need. Takes pressure off many families. Makes sense to reuse books and not burden parents with unnecessary costs. School rental scheme is very successful. It has saved people the hassle of looking for books during the summer holidays. Makes back to school more affordable. It is very cost effective. Financially very good but also it saves a lot of stress as a parent. This is brilliant as the cost is only a fraction of what the books would cost to buy. It is something all schools should be doing in these financially difficult times. It is a fantastic scheme and saves lots of money and no waste of books being changed every year.


Access is only allowed using the buzzer on the main door. I think safety is working well in school because the school is safe and closed during lessons. I found it very reassuring that way the teacher looks out for the children making sure they have someone to play with and helping them mix with other children. Security via school gate is very good - we like to see it locked outside of arrival / leaving times. Peace of mind for parents. The school has very good security - it is hard to get into the school when school is on, which is excellent. School is very secure. Gates are locked and you must sign kids in and out which is very good. Traffic cones outside the school in mornings is a great idea and working well. Very visible as I enter the school. Principal at school gate in the morning is most re-assuring. The parking cones outside the school gate is a good idea as it discourages people from turning cars around where children are walking. Security seems to be working well.


Differentiation of work is very good. The brighter students are challenged and not allowed to get bored and weaker students get the support and help to reach their full potential. Everything is OK. For infant classes, I think the materials and books used are great. Very good as the same words crop up in each lesson and really helps in learning to read. Reading Eggs is great as it gives a great opportunity to learn and have fun at the same time. My son loves when I sit down and use the programme. Children well prepared for secondary school. Kids love using computers and really benefit from it. Splitting classes for English and Maths is a benefit to all students. Great variety of Art. The 3 R's are working well - the substance of the school is to get all children to achieve their academic potential. We find the Reading Eggs is very interesting and fun and the girls constantly want to work at it. I think dividing pupils into groups of similar ability for certain subjects is great as it helps the weaker pupils advance and the stronger pupils learn also. I think Maths & English are working well as the children are at a level they can work at whether its up or down. Tin whistle gives access to basic instrumental instruction to all children. Green schools programme is very good as it tries to involve and inform everyone.


Very up to date information. Great way of seeing what is coming up. Great to get reminders by text message. School website is brilliant and very well laid out. Kids can always find something to do there. Active and up to date, children use it. Educational.


Whole school is always clean and tidy which makes it kids friendly. Very clean and well heated. The investment in technology and the new school extension creates an atmosphere of positivity. Lovely school building. Classrooms are bright, well equipped and well maintained. Good outdoor space and pitches/courts. Updated building & fabulous school grounds. School facilities and building is very good and can only improve with the new classrooms. The school has improved immensely over the past 15 years since my first child started there and it is great to see that it is improving more every year. Keep up the good work!


I like the way all information about school and children is sent to parents by letter, text messages & the school's website. Use of surveys allows parents to feel their opinions are valued. We are kept very well informed of school events and feel that we can come in with any concerns we have. Teachers always welcome parents when they come in with a concern. Parent / Teacher Meetings are excellently run with no long queues. Methods of communicating problems always open and families encouraged to voice their opinions. Excellent school website and "letters" home are very informative.


This allows the teacher to have more one to one time with the children and keep a closer eye on them. Small class numbers in infants is great. Two junior infant classes gives younger pupils a wonderful starting point and introduction to school life. The reduced numbers of pupils in junior classes really helps the younger pupil to settle in. It is good that any child who is slow will get attention from taecher.


Keeping the children active and introducing them to all kinds of sports and activities. This is great as most children play computers and don't get enough exercise at home. Great to see a good balance between academic and sports subjects. Great range of sports to suit everyone and kids seem to get a lot of encouragement to take part in extra curricular activities.


The use of visiting trainers for GAA and Fitkids gives great variety to PE classes. The school's music programme continues to be a great asset.


Very good that children have plenty of space to play. Good that all classes are allocated their own separate play areas. Separate play areas means less chance of bullying. It also helps Junior Infants to settle in and it is easier to supervise a smaller group.


Extra books and work enable children to work at their own pace. Different homework stretches the better pupils and supports the weaker pupils. Homework generally well structured. The consistent plan and emphasis on homework follows through well

Discipline is very good and very fair. Can be seen the way children conduct themselves in the church etc and their good manners.
Up to date equipment e.g. computers, interactive whiteboards etc Well resourced school gives children great opportunity and learning environment.
Personal experience to date with both my children has been most supportive. All children are equally catered for.