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You are here Three Year Plan 2010 - 2013 How can we improve? Suggestions from our pupils.


Breathnú arís ar Phlean Scoile don Ghaeilge.
Gaeilge a mhúineadh i ngrúpaí mar a dhéantar le Math/Béarla.
Tús a chur le Léitheoireacht i Rang a hAon.
Béim níos láidre ar an bhfocal scríofa bunaithe ar an gcomhrá.
Bain triail as Gaeilge a úsáid ar fud na scoile - Frásaí na Seachtaine, Lipéidí as Gaeilge mar shampla Leabharlann, Halla srl.
Béim níos láidre ar Ghaeilge labhartha i rith an lae.
Ainmneacha leanaí as Gaeilge.
Lá Gaeilge sa mhí.
Gaeilgeoir na Seachtaine srl.

We will undertake a review of Gaeilge on Thursday 5th Deceber 2013. ( A brief review has already taken place with streaming introduced in middle & senior classes and Gaeilgeoir na Seachtaine Award introduced from October 2013)
Take part in the five step programme as Maths and Science are already at a high standard and we should acknowledge this by applying for the award next school year. Mr. Roberts will lead the school's application for the award in Maths. The school has been granted a place in this year's Primary Science Fair 2014

Take part in the Active Flag Programme like the Green Schools Programme as there are a wide variety of activities already in place such as the volleyball league, soccer league, 5-aside soccer, Futsal soccer, Rackard League hurling, football & camogie, gymnastics programme etc.
Lunch time activities based on becoming more fit.
Interested staff members would take it on.
Introduce 10 minutes / 5 minutes walks / exercise each day as a school / class based activity.

The Active Schools Award would help focus attention on physical activity like the Green Schools Programme highlighted the environment.

The Active Green Flag's programme is currently being investigated by the staff with a view to starting a programme early in the new school year.

Vegetable patch for classes.
Flower beds.
Bird boxes/feeders.
Benches/seats for children

HSCL is currently working oin these suggestions. Bulbs have been planted during November 2013.

Not working for small number of children. Less (or more) emphasis on homework as for some children it is a constant battle. Focus more on committing to memory rather than written work. Reduce or eliminate colouring in activities. Projects to encourage pupils to think and not just copy & paste. Provide each class teacher with a class list at the beginning of the year with blank spaces for teachers to put in where their pupils are going for Literacy/Numeracy/Support to help track pupils having difficulty completing homework successfully.

A review of Homework will be carried out in September. (Due to compilation of school's Three Year Plan the review of homework has been postponed until later in the year).

Small but consistent number of children missing out by being late in the mornings. Motivational reward - perhaps giving 5/10 minutes extra play time for class with the best punctuality once a week as a means of highlighting its importance.

HSCL will address this issue directly with families.

Younger classes really need support in early stages of using computers. Perhaps seek parent and/or community volunteers or get another teacher alongside you. Use SNA to help if available.

HSCL will seek volunteer parents and members of the community to help during 2013/2014.

Revise the record of what the school has especially as many classes will be moving to new classrooms. Have some check-in/out system for shared resources. Update resources in the various curricular areas when movement to new classrooms and support rooms is complete.

This revision and updating was carried out on the FRiday after the school concert in June 2013.

Pupils are sometimes moving between classrooms during their lunch breaks - quite frequently the same pupils during both breaks and in some instances there is insufficient time to eat especially when they stop to chat along the way.

The school has adjusted the class bell change to give more time to eat lunches at lunch time. Teachers will also give pupils more time to eat before the first break.

Continue to enforce good behaviour on all occasions. Sometimes children think some actions acceptable in some places / classes and not others. Needs to be more streamlined.

Staff emphasis on making children more mindful of basic good manners. Teach all pupils correct manner to greet adults and expected common manners as outlined in the curriculum (SPHE): Infant Classes: Strand: Myself and others | Strand unit: Relating to others. First & Second Classes: Strand: Myself and Others | Strand unit: My friends and other people. Third & Fourth Classes: Strand: Myself and Others | Strand unit: My friends and other people. Fifth & Sixth Classes: Strand: Myself | Strand unit: My friends and other people.


Sometimes pupils finish their homework after 30 minutes and can distract the other pupils even though they are asked to read. Perhaps a box of worksheets/activities for each class for when they are finished work might address the issue.


Some parents/guardians can delay the start of work in the mornings by doing jobs pupils should be able to do for themselves such as hanging up coats in corridors, changing shoes, taking out lunch boxes etc. Perhaps a letter could be sent to all parents/guardians in September reminding them that there is no need for them to enter the school building as supervision is provided and to encourage independence of children. Examine the weight of schoolbags so children can carry them. Junior Infants would still be expected to be left at classroom door during the early part of the year but parents / guardians should be encouraged not to delay in the corridor.


If a whole school plan was adopted or the NCCA planning tool was used it may reduce the amount of repetition in writing teachers' notes and link them more firmly to the curriculum. This could be done by computer and reduce time.