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You are here Three Year Plan 2010 - 2013 How can we improve? Suggestions from our pupils.


Because I would like to be quicker at running. So we can get fitter and have more fun. I like PE and getting exercise. Have PE every second day. More PE every day - we need more exercise and we should have 20 minutes of PE every day. PE on two days.

We do know how much everyone enjoys PE and we understand why you want more. After all it is a very good way to stay fit and healthy. Primary schools give one hour each week to PE. Sometimes more time is given, for example when you go swimming, have sports days, take part in Rackard League football, hurling & camogie etc. Perhaps two 30 sessions each week might be better than one 60 session - at least then you would have it twice.

Because the infant school day is shorter then the time available for PE is also shorter.


I like knitting and would like to learn new stitches. These are areas which are nice to learn.

Our HSCL will talk to parents and grandparents to see if there is someone interested in volunteering to help teach these skills. When we finish our extension Room 10 will be a Parents Room with a cooker so we will be able to do some cooking.

I think there are too many pupils in the play yard when we are not allowed on the grass when it is too wet. Junior Infants play area is too small. Lining up on the courts is boring and too cold standing around. Longer play breaks. I would like three yards to play on instead of two yards. When people are playing basketabll there is no room for walking about when the playing pitches are too wet to go on. I would like more things to play with because sometimes breaks can be boring. I don't like the way we have to stay quiet in the line because it is boring.

When the extension is finished we will look again at all the play areas and who plays in each area. We might have three playing pitches on the football pitch instead of the two we have now. This would free up more space. However, there is no other school in Ireland (that we know of) that has as big an area for playing!

I wish we could bring treats to eat on Fridays. Sweets in school on Fridays because the children love sweets. Sweets on Friday because we work so hard. Just one treat on a Friday because it is something to look forward to. Bring in one treat on Fridays but only on Fridays.

We are looking at Healthy Eating again but we really don't see us having junk food such as crisps etc in the school ever again even just on a Friday! Sorry! See our Letter to Parents about the Healthy Eating Survey.

I wish I could do more art because it's really fun. I really enjoy it. Because I love art.

We might be able to have Art as an after school activity when our extension is complete. More details to follow . . .

No more handwriting! Our homework takes too long and it is not fair for us to spend half our day at home in the kitchen doing work. More fun in class. More handwriting because I like using joined up writing and want to get quicker.

Teachers and parents will examine all matters about homework again quite soon. However, homework is a very important part of school as it helps to revise what you learned in class, gives you the chance to work on your own and trains you not to give up easily.

Girls should get appreciated more in sport and not just boys! I love basketball and there is no club in Bunclody, the nearest one is in Ballon.

We certainly appreciate our girls especially as we have more girls than boys in the school. Our soccer leagues and volleyball leagues are all mixed gender. We do realise that the boys got more attention last year when they won the Rackard League Football competition but so did the girls when they won the camogie a few years ago.

Because the other one is not working!

We will get a new clock for the classroom (or replace the battery if that is why the current one is not working).

More Science because every pupil loves to do science. French instead of Irish. More Drama because I like Drama. More workbooks so you can write in them. I would like to get a book when I have finished my work instead of writing a story in your free writing copy because it will make you better at spelling and you can use your imagination. More Religion homework so we can learn more about God and Jesus. Learn more about the food we eat - it would be good to know how to grow our fruit and vegetables. More geography, history and science books.

Every pupil likes different subjects. One person loves art, another loves music, another loves PE, another Maths and someone else loves history. We cannot really increase the time for one subject and reduce the time for others, especially as we have already increased the time for literacy and numeracy as these subjects are the most important.

New tables and chairs because the chairs are not snug to sit on! Bigger tables and chairs because they are very small for playing chess.

The good news is that the six new classrooms will have new tables and chairs. They may not be any more comfortable but we do allow pupils to bring in cushions for their chairs. So if you have a small flat cushion bring it to school for your chair. The Chess Club will use a senior classroom when the extension is complete so we will have proper size tables and chairs for everyone.

I wish we could have even more library books because I really love reading.

We spend over €1000 every year on new library books and this year we will spend even more! If you know the name of any good books you would recommend for the library we will buy them. Just tell us!

I would like more time to eat my lunch.


Sometimes there is no fruit at home and I like fruit.

We hope that the Food Dudes Programme gave you plenty of opportunities to taste new fruit and vegetables!

More shrubs and flowers in the play yards because they are nice to lok at.

Each class will have a raised bed where they can plant vegetables and flowers shortly after Easter. However they will need to be kept weed free!